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Holly Class 2014

We looked at different styles of cartoon drawings then did our own. We transferred dye from tissue paper to add the colour.
Cartoon self-portraits on PhotoPeach

Rainbow Windsocks on PhotoPeach


  1. admin

    Hello everybody and welcome to Holly Class!

    • William

      helllo i am looking at our blog, william

    • William

      my mum likes the wind socks

  2. Mrs Thornton

    It was fun making those windsocks!

  3. Ellis Kelly

    I liked flying the windsocks, I liked the colours. Friday was my mums 40th birthday. She got a chocolate bar, 2 bottles of champagne and 1 bottle of wine. I gave her a magic wand so she can get loves from me when she wants.

  4. sophie

    It was fun making my cartoon self-portrait.

  5. Tilly

    I lighk beths piccher best.
    Migh piccher is funny.

  6. beth

    My daddy thinks it is funny.

  7. christopher

    My mum thinks my cartoon self portrait is cool.
    It was fun making my wind sock.

  8. Ruby (F)

    i like my picccccccture.iiiii thinc it looks good.Thhey all look good.

  9. Olivia P

    I like maiking the cartoon faces. it was fun. my mummy thinks my face looks nice.

  10. Willow

    I like the rainbow wind sock because it is colourful. My self portrait is pretty. It has big red cheeks and a triangle nose.

  11. Emily S

    I like my picture and it made my Mum and my Dad laugh because I am all pink.

  12. Alfie

    I liked making windsocks. I like being in your class and playing with the cars

  13. Phoebe potter

    Hi this is phoebe. At school I am enjoying maths with Mrs Thornton.

  14. admin

    Thank you for all your lovely comments!

  15. Julia

    I like doing the rainbow wind socks with Mrs Thornton, my Mummy likes my portrait.

  16. Julia

    I like doing the wind socks with Mrs Thornton and my Mummy likes my portrait.

  17. I loved doing the cartoon drawings my mum thinks they are awesome! I like Mrs Thornton teaching me.

  18. lucy peace

    it was fun running with the windsocks on the top field with the wind. it was super fun. i wish we could do it again.

  19. lucy peace

    good making the windsocks with you Mrs Thornton

  20. Harry Booth

    I liked making my windsock.



  21. lucy peace

    it was fun doing the sun work saying what i wear in the summer

  22. rudy

    i like making the wind socks and the self portraits, daddy thinks they are funny.

  23. Max

    I like making a wind sock because it is fun. This is fun because i like playing.

  24. rudy

    i like the pattern of my wind soc my daddy think it’s grete.

  25. lucy peace

    i am good at looking after the class in school

  26. Lucy Peace

    I am a good listener at school in the class. I am always good.

  27. Alec Leaman

    I liked running with the wind socks

  28. Jemima-Jo

    i liked doing my windsock. on my self portrait i have a pink and blue face and yellow hair.

  29. sam wadsworth

    I likt macin my self portrait my mum and my dad and Ben thort it was funy

  30. sam wadsworth

    I likt maiking windsocs bicos it was fun to run with them.

  31. sam wadsworth

    I like school beecos it is fun and funy

  32. Ruby-Mae Robinson

    I think they all look good. I liked making the wind socks.

  33. rudy

    i like black history week.

  34. rudy

    because it’s fun.

  35. Lauren Hinchliffe

    I liked making my windsock.

  36. Poppy

    I like playing wiv my wind sock it was fun.

  37. Poppy

    I like maikin my potratrat missus Thontn.

  38. theo jessop

    i liked making my self portrait

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