Scholes Junior and Infant chicks have arrived!

April 27th, 2014

Spring is here, and in Maple Class we have been learning about new life and the life cycle of chickens. The children enjoyed their surprise visit from the school’s six new baby chicks and her adopted mother hen. Everyone had the chance to hold a chick, observe the chicks and ask lots of questions. Mrs Hallam, Mrs Johnson and Mrs Painten were extremely proud of all the lovely pictures and writing you did.

The chicks have gone back home with Mrs Hallam until they are a bit bigger and ready to leave mother hen. Then they can return and all the children at school will help look after them. A big ‘Thank You’ to Mrs Hallam and Mrs Osborne for making this possible. We hope to make this annual event.

What names shall we give the new chicks?

Maple Class has been bitten by the Chocolate bug

April 27th, 2014

In the lead up to Easter, children in Maple Class had a visit from local Chocolatier Andrew Cameron. The children and adults in Maple Class had a wonderful time learning the science behind chocolate making. We learnt all about the journey from cocoa bean to chocolate bar.

The children enjoyed the hands on experience of being chocolatiers: they made flakes, chocolate truffles and had a go at drawing and writing their names in chocolate. Both staff and children enjoyed the visit – and not just because of the chocolate!

We’re Going on Bear Hunt

April 27th, 2014

Maple Class became adventurers on their quest to find a bear. The children made their own maps and binoculars, which they took with them through the swishy, swashy grass, splishy, splashy cold river and the thick, oozy mud.

There was lots excitement as you can imagine! The children followed their maps until they found Dudley Bear hiding in a cave in the Schools wood.

Which part of the journey did you enjoy the most?

A trip to Scholes Post Office

March 30th, 2014

As part of our ‘People Who Help Us’ project, children in Maple Class have been writing thank you letters to the wonderful people who gave up their time to visit and teach us about their jobs. They learned about the journey the letters would be taking with a visit to the local Post Office in Scholes. Maple Class: What did you enjoy most about this trip?

Teddy Bears’ Picnic

March 21st, 2014

If you had gone down to Scholes this week, you’d have been sure of a big surprise!! Because Thursday was the day the Maple Class had a Teddy Bears’ picnic! They made the sandwiches, decorated their own plates and wrote an invitation to their own Teddy. We really enjoyed ourselves and the Sandwiches were yummy!

Mountain Rescue swoop into Scholes school

March 21st, 2014

Pupils at Scholes Junior and Infant School near Holmfirth had a surprise visit from the local mountain rescue team. As part of the reception class topic “People Who Help Us”, children received a visit from Molly, Lisa Brearley and John Smith from the Woodhead Mountain Rescue Team.

Children saw the kit the volunteers have to carry in a rescue situation and got to sit in the team’s land rover. They also took part in a mock rescue as Molly found a casualty on the school grounds.

John Smith, mountain rescue volunteer said: “It’s great to have the opportunity to give pupils an insight into the work we do. As a volunteer organisation, the team is made up of everyday local people from the childrens’ wider community. Helping the class to realise that if they ever need the help of Mountain Rescue, it will be local people just like their parents or neighbours who will come to their rescue is a real eye-opener.

Showing the class what local people can get involved with and give them some tips to stay safe on the moors was good fun. But despite all my presentation skills I think search dog Molly was definitely the biggest hit of the day.”

It is the latest class visit from a number of professions including police, fire and nursing.

Scholes Headteacher Nadine Sadler said: “It is so important that pupils have a curriculum that includes real experiences that engage their interest and enthusiasm. These visits have inspired pupils to find out more about people who help us and have involved them in asking lots of interesting questions.

The children have learned so much about people who work in our local community. It has been lovely to see children working together outside of the classroom environment which is something we are promoting at Scholes J&I.”

“Visits from people who work in our community give children an insight into the world around them and are a wonderful learning opportunity.”

People Who Keep us Safe

March 21st, 2014

As part of our topic ‘People Who Help Us – Keep Safe’, we have been learning about firefighters. Sarah showed us the different parts of her uniform and explained how each part protects a firefighter. We found out that firefighters have a special uniform that they wear when they are helping with traffic accidents. It had a reflective sign on the back that says ‘fire and rescue’ so that drivers can see it clearly at night-time. It was such an interesting visit. We have learnt lots about what it takes to be a firefighter and some of us would like to do it as a job when we grow up!

In the Reception class, we were joined by a PCSO from West Yorkshire Police. It was very exciting to see the uniform and we loved trying it on. We asked lots of questions and found out about the special things that the Police have to carry, such as handcuffs. We were allowed to listen to the special radio and talked to the control office it was very exciting!

The Police told us all about their role and how they can help us, for example if we got lost they would be able to take us home. They were very friendly and said if we saw them out and about in the community that they would love us to say hello!

People Who Keep Us Healthy

March 21st, 2014

In Maple Class we have been learning through play and first hand experience all about ‘People Who Help Us’. One of the highlights of this topic was a visit from real nurses and learning about people who help us keep healthy. We learned all about what nurses do and the children loved being able to use stethoscopes and bandages. Children practiced their new skills helping dolls and teddy bears who were unwell. We had lots of fun!

People Who Help Us at School

March 21st, 2014

As part of our Topic this term we have been learning about ‘People Who Help Us in School’. We have had lots of fun going around the school meeting different members of staff and learning about their jobs. The children took on the roles of the caretaker, teacher, school cook and dinner ladies. We enjoyed it so much we made a book about our experiences.

Bug Hotel

June 16th, 2013


We made a bug hotel with wooden pallets. We put logs, bricks, sticks and clay pots inside to make different areas for the minibeasts. Every time we find one we put it into the hotel.